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Create the most stunning videos with insane effects which can sync to the music.

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Export videos you can easily share on Instagram, Facebook, or other social networks, to promote your product, event, music production, podcast episode, and more. You can also export animated GIFs to embed in emails!
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Try template

Design, import, or start from a professional template

Create from scratch using dozens of fonts or import yours. Insert professional photos from a +2M catalog. You can also import your designs from applications like Photoshop and Figma.

Not feeling creative today? Start from one of the many ready-made templates which can be easily customized also using your own color themes.

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Add any song and sync the animations to it

Use as soundtrack any song on Apple Music, a carefully selected loop, or import your own.

Once you’ve added a soundtrack, you can use any of its attributes to animate the effects.

You can also add one or more sound visualizations.

Endless customization with 50+ highly configurable effects

Create your own style with all the highly configurable visual effects available.

They can be combined and animated independently.

Share anywhere

The exported videos can be easily shared on your website or on any social network like Instagram and Facebook to create video posts, stories, or even video covers. This is made easier also thanks to our companion mobile app.

You can also export animated GIFs to include short animations in emails and newsletters.

What customers say

A Godsend to create engaging content for our socials and now also for Spotify Canvas
BBE Music
Legendary Disco & Funk Label
It lets us differentiate from the competition both in terms of quantity and quality
Entertainment Brand
I ❤️ Beatflyer! It's my promotion superpower
Todd Terry
Legendary House Music DJ & Producer
Essential to bring our music to life with the right vibe on social media
Zoroty Distribution
Music Distribution Network
A must for anyone promoting their music at scale. I ❤️ it!
Junior Sanchez
Superstar DJ & Music Producer

Our affordable plans

Affordable plans for every creator. Prices in dollars and might differ slightly in other currencies.


  • Create unlimited videos
  • Generate captions from audio
  • No watermark
  • Access all templates
  • Remove background from photos
  • Save projects in the cloud
  • Save brand color themes
  • Use custom fonts
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  • Create unlimited videos
  • Generate captions from audio
  • No watermark
  • Access all templates
  • Remove background from photos
  • Save projects in the cloud
  • Save brand color themes
  • Use custom fonts


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Billed at $60/year
  • Create unlimited videos
  • Generate captions from audio
  • No watermark
  • Access all templates
  • Remove background from photos
  • Save projects in the cloud
  • Save brand color themes
  • Use custom fonts

Frequently asked questions

Which file formats can I export?
From Beatflyer you can export 3 different type of assets: videos, animated GIFs, and images. Videos are exported as easy-to-share .mp4 files with a relatively high bitrate. Animated GIFs as highly optimized .gif and images as non-compressed .png files. The physical dimension in pixels (resolution) of the output will be the same of the project.
How long can the videos be?
Maximum length is currently 90 seconds. We used to have a desktop app where you could create slighly longer videos but the main objective of Beatflyer is to create short and catchy clips for social media. To create a full-length music video for your song or DJ set, we recommend utilizing standard video editing software. This type of software is designed for longer videos and typically offers enhanced memory management.
Can I create videos for free?
Yes, the only caveat is that the videos created for free will have a small watermark at the bottom right. If you subscribe to one of our plans, you will be able to use extra features like: access to all templates, the ability to save your projects and brand assets.
Can I only make simple loopy animations?
No, while creating simple loops is extremely easy in Beatflyer, with a few extra clicks you can easily create more complex animations. Read how to use multiple frames and composition effects and the timeline.
Is there a mobile app?
Yes, there are actually 2. First of all, you need to know that Beatflyer, with some limitations, also works on your smartphone browser. If you are looking for a better, more native, experience you can indeed try the mobile apps. If you only need to share your recorded videos into other mobile apps, you can use Beatflyer Videos (iOS, Android). If you also want to create some flyers on the go, you can use the official Beatflyer Mobile app (only available for iOS).
Is there a desktop app?
No, we used to have a desktop app until recently but it has now been discontinued. Modern web browsers, especially Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, provide now a better experience than what the app used to offer.
Can I create videos for Spotify Canvas?
Yes, Beatflyer is a great option for creating Spotify Canvas videos because you can create loopy animations with powerful effects extremely easily. To make it even easier, we created a template you can use and customize in a few clicks.
How easy it is to share the generated videos?
The format of the videos generated is the most portable (.mp4). This means the file can be easily uploaded on any platform. If you want to share it on an app that only exists for mobile, you can use our video sharing mobile app (iOS, Android).
Can I animate my existing desings?
Yes, Beatflyer was born as an animator tool before we introduced templates and creation features. Not only we have exporters for the most popular design tools (Photoshop, Sketch, and Figma) but we also have a Figma plugin that gives the full power of Beatflyer where you are creative the most.
Can I remove the watermark?
Yes, to remove our small logo from the bottom-right of the generated content, you simply need to pay for one of our plans.
Can I use video assets?
Yes, in Beatflyer you can import videos and used them as graphic layers. Something to keep in mind is that you cannot have multiple videos in the same layer (like multiple-frames) and in the presence of videos the recording will happen in real-time. The faster your computer is, the more likely the animations will be smooth.
Can I save my work?
Yes, if you subscribe to our monthly or yearly plan, you will be able to save and duplicate your projects. One of the benefits of saving projects is that when you open them on your phone you can quickly apply simple edits and export the video again, de-facto behaving like templates.
Can I use my brand colors and fonts?
Yes, paying customers can save their brand colors so that they can be used like any other color theme we offer. Paying customers can also upload their own font files.

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